Bidwell Insurance Agency offers comprehensive coverage for your short-term vacation rental.

A short-term vacation rental property has different insurance needs than your primary residence, even if your primary residence is also your short-term vacation rental. Typically, if you lease your home for fewer than 30 days a month, it is considered short-term and it’s very likely your homeowner’s policy excludes this type of rental activity. Short-term vacation rental properties are considered higher risks by insurance companies, as well as a business exposure, so standard policies don’t always offer coverage for this use.

We offer coverage from multiple insurance companies. We write with several because each short-term rental situation is unique and we offer quotes to meet your specific insurance needs as the homeowner.

If you have any of the following apply to you, call and we’ll review your account.


  • You want coverage for your swimming pool
  • You want coverage for your hot tub
  • You want coverage for bicycles, small watercraft or fishing
  • Your vacation rental is also your primary residence
  • You also live at your short-term vacation rental (duplex, upstairs-downstairs, main home with guest house, etc.)
  • Your municipality requires you to have a business license and carry liability insurance
  • You sometimes allow your renters to host events (like a birthday party, wedding, reunion, etc.)



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