Bidwell Insurance Agency writes many different flood insurance policies. Most people don’t realize you have a choice. Bidwell Insurance offers private and FEMA flood insurance. Take a look a what we have and decide which policy is best for you.

Standard property insurance usually doesn’t cover flood damage so flood insurance is an excellent policy to carry. However, many consumers are fed up. We understand and that’s why we offer several solutions.

Our clients already considered the following:

• If you think your property won’t flood, you likely qualify for private flood insurance.
• If you don’t know what kind of policy you have, you probably have a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy.
• In some cases, an elevation certificate will lower your rate.
• Property owners can complete their own elevation certificate in flood zones AO and A (unnumbered). Which zone are you in? Call Bidwell Insurance to find out.
• Sometimes policies are written incorrectly. Is yours?
• Private flood insurance may be less expensive than the NFIP. Why do you pay more when you can pay less?
• If you have more than one policy, would you like to have one that covers all of your buildings?
• If you pay your NFIP renewal, you can’t consider alternatives until next year (it’s a new rule with the NFIP). Even if it saves you money!
• Have you reviewed your flood insurance lately? Now is the time to call Bidwell Insurance Agency.

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